The pursuit of excellence reaches its maximum expression in the historic San Martino collection. From grapes grown with dedication in the prestigious vineyards around the company, between the river Piave and the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills, the DOC and DOCG wines of great elegance are produced. The premium line combines the award-winning and traditional wines with the market trends, always made with the utmost care and quality.


The Radise line, which translates into “roots” from the Venetian dialect, reveals a deep bond with the territory of origin. The root of these good wines, which are destined for catering, is in the great care of the vineyard that has been handed down from one generation to the next. The most suitable grape variety for the terroir is carefully selected, from Glera grapes to Ribolla Gialla and up to Pinot Noir, which enriches the new Prosecco Rosé with intriguing undertones.


A range of wines with unique and specific characteristics is created from an ancient reclaimed and enhanced family vineyard. This particularly prosperous vineyard is called “Bosco” since it is situated next to a grove that provides an ideal microclimate. When starting the grape harvest on this land, the ancestors of the family Cescon used to say: “let’s go a get the grapes from the grove”.


The contemporary style of the wine is interpreted through a varied range of easy-to-drink, fresh and immediate products suitable for everyone and for all occasions. Made with attention to quality, they win you over from the first sip thanks to the engaging floral and fruity aromas. The mixture of simplicity, cheerfulness and sincerity give these wines the right light-heartedness.

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