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We believe that good wine is made from good grapes and is the fruit of good land. By carefully choosing the most suitable land, we have developed our vineyards in the best terroirs for climate, exposure to the sun and composition of the soil. We grow them directly, following them with loving care in every season of the year.

It was natural to go back to the origins and take up the traditions of our family once again when the grapes were grown in harmony with the environment. Inspired by the principles of sustainable agriculture, we have enhanced a large stretch of the countryside in eastern Veneto to create a large organic vineyard. The vines, which have been plants for a few years, grow according to the rhythms of nature and will soon be able to give us the first entirely organic grape harvest.
In an area that has kept the traditional elements of the Venetian countryside intact, the vineyards of the estate grow on particularly fertile land, composed of alluvial materials collected from the rivers Piave and Livenza when running through the mountains and hills over the millennia.
The historic vineyards along the Piave represent the heart of our property. Our fathers planted them around the winery, where the flow of the river escapes the strait of the Dolomites and the hills to expand in the plains. They are characterised by gravelled soil, transported downstream by the melting waters of the ancient retreating glaciers.
This vineyard is the cru of our family: a particularly generous ancient vineyard named this way for being close to a grove. The microclimate of the place, which is cool without ever being harsh, and the good temperature range in summer promote cultivation of the Glera grapes, giving the Prosecco the right amount of acidity and elegant aromas.

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