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We are proud to manage the entire production chain that leads to the creation of our wines, from the vineyard to bottling. Immediately after harvesting, which is still mainly carried out manually, the grapes are taken to our winery. Soft and delicate pressing of the bunches of grapes preserves the aromas and guarantees high quality of the must. We take care of every detail of the winemaking process with intense passion and oenological expertise. Respect for tradition combined with modern processing technologies to enhance the characteristics of the grapes.

manages the entire production
chain directly

sulphites for conservation

We invest continuously in technological innovation in order to provide our winery with cutting-edge technology that improves the quality and authenticity of the wines. Thanks to the new plant, the bottles remain isolated in a closed and sterile environment until they are capped, without any external interventions during the entire process. The air-wine contact is eliminated throughout the entire production line, thereby better preserving the characteristics of the product and reducing the use of sulphur dioxide for conservation.

We try to make the most of the precious grapes that harvesting provides us with, this is the result of attention to every detail of the winemaking process. We carry out continuous organoleptic and quality checks in our analyses laboratory to guarantee the pleasure of drinking an excellent wine.

THE NEW bottling plant

The modern bottling plant provides an extraordinary production capacity. It has enabled us to successfully access the private label sector, bottling quality wines even for a third party. PRIVATE LABEL

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