Spritz Flavoured Cocktail: a refreshing novelty

Spritz flavoured cocktail: a refreshing novelty!

Dear Customer,
We are excited to announce that the absolute novelty of our 2023, the Spritz Flavoured Cocktail, is officially available in comfortable PET kegs!

The Spritz Flavoured Cocktail has been specially created to delight your senses and give you unforgettable moments of taste pleasure.

Imagine enjoying a refreshing cocktail, with a perfect balance of flavors and ready to enjoy in a moment. The Spritz Flavoured Cocktail is just that: a refreshing combination of aromas that will transport you to an extraordinary taste experience.
We have dedicated time and attention to selecting the best ingredients and creating an irresistible mix that satisfies all palates, and now we are happy to announce that our Spritz Flavoured Cocktail is officially on the market in comfortable PET kegs!

This innovative (and environmentally friendly) packaging solution makes our cocktail a practical and quick solution to serve. You will not need to measure the ingredients or prepare individual cocktails, just plug in the tap and you will be ready to serve a fresh drink ready to use!
The PET kegs are also light, easy to carry and keep the freshness and sparkling of the cocktail until the last sip.

We are confident that our Spritz Flavoured Cocktail will become the favorite drink of the summer. Let yourself be won over by its unique taste and practicality.

Best regards,
San Martino Vini
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Spritz Flavoured Cocktail: a refreshing novelty

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