MAGNUM wines: celebrate with San Martino Vini!

MAGNUM wines: celebrate with San Martino Vini!

The Christmas holidays are approaching, and there is no better way to make these moments special in company than with the Magnum bottles of San Martino Vini!

The Magnum format is the undisputed king of the holidays. With its imposing presence, it is not only a pleasure for the eyes but also a functional way of sharing special moments. It is the ideal option to gather friends and family around a good glass of wine… Uncorking a single bottle, the Magnum format allows you to serve many guests, creating a convivial and festive atmosphere.

Not only aesthetic, but also excellent quality: the wine collected in Magnum bottles is considered better than the one contained in bottles of classic format. This is due to the lower exposure to oxygen in relation to the amount of wine. The result? A wine that develops in a slower and more stable way, resisting temperature variations and preserving in an exceptional way the distinctive aromas and sensorial characteristics of the wine.

Elegance and refinement. The wines available in Magnum format represent authentic gems to taste during the holidays. Here is our selection:

It is a vintage product that makes the scents of flowers prevail; the palate is harmonious with a balanced aftertaste, with a very thin and persistent bubble due to the long standing in the yeasts.
Excellent with the matching of fish dishes or for excellent aperitifs.

Born from the best selection of vintage grapes, it is a fresh wine, with hints of flowers, on the palate harmonious and balanced in the aftertaste, with a thin and durable bubble that makes it perfect in combination with fish dishes and ideal as an aperitif.

From a careful selection of our white grapes we obtain an excellent sparkling wine with a persistent perlage excellent as an aperitif and mixing, also suitable for fish dishes and mixed frying.

Contact us and complete your order up to Novembre 26 to be sure to receive them before Christmas!
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MAGNUM wines: celebrate with San Martino Vini!

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