San Martino Vini | Our winery


San Martino Vini is proud of its ability to manage the entire wine production chain. The invaluable grapes, still hand picked in the estate’s vineyards, are processed in our winery, where respect for tradition and a true passion for wine-making come together with the innovative technology of a new bottling plant. Equipped with the most advanced machinery and state of the art automatic control systems, our new bottling plant guarantees a genuine, top quality product.

The modern technology of our new plant makes it possible to trace every single bottle produced. It isolates the wine from contact with the air at all bottling stages, preserving its intrinsic qualities and reducing the need for sulphites.

This new resource will double San Martino’s production capacity, reaching 10 million bottles per year and opening up new opportunities in the private label field. The new plant incorporates ultra-rapid bottle changing solutions and comes with cameras to check label application. The production line is flexible and efficient and can be easily re-programmed for private label bottles of wine supplied in customised packaging.

Finally, our in-house analysis laboratory can constantly test organoleptic features and carry out quality control to ensure customers the pleasure of enjoying excellent wine.