Harvest 2023 and new organic crops

Harvest 2023 and new organic crops!

Dear friends, harvest is finally starting! This magical moment marks a new chapter in our wine adventure. Moreover it is also an opportunity to celebrate the nature, commitment and hard work behind every sip of our fine wines.

Each year, the arrival of the harvest brings with it a sense of rebirth and new beginning. The harvest is not only a celebration of the ripe fruits that we have cultivated with care throughout the year, but it is also a preview of the new products that will come. Each bunch harvested will bring with it the promises of new wines. From the fresh and fruity notes of whites to the complex and enveloping nuances of reds, our winery prepares to surprise you with unforgettable sensory experiences.

This year we will also continue with our second organic harvest. This commitment reflects our deep connection with the land and the environment around us. Indeed, organic cultivation is not only a way to produce high quality wines, but also a contribution to the well-being of the planet.

We will be back soon with other news, in the meantime we wish you a harvest season full of emotions and new flavors!
San Martino Vini

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