San Martino Vini | Bag in box


San martino wine is also available in convenient bag in box packing. The wine comes in a bag placed in a box provided with a tap for pouring: a highly practical packing system that’s lightweight and unbreakable.

What is it?

Bag in Box is a practical, ecological system used to ensure a supply of wine in your home. Inside a cardboard box there is a sterile bag provided with a special closure that guarantees freshness even for long periods.


Why is it convenient?

  • Small pack
  • Greater durability of wine after opening
  • More economical than bottles
  • Less pollution (a 5 litre bag in box equals about 7 x 0.75 litre bottles)





How is it used?

  •  At home for daily use.
  • AAt the bar or restaurant in its box or in a traditional wooden cask.
  • At parties, barbecues with friends and, why not, on unique special occasions such as weddings
  • Ideal to take on holiday.





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